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Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (FSL) is an educational and information organisation established in the year 1956. It is an umbrella organisation for its’ 11 national member associations.

Our aim is to improve the swimming, water and ice safety skills of everyone living in Finland and to reducing the number of fatal drowning accidents. We trains every year around 3000 professionals to the aquatic sector as lifeguards, swimming teachers, baby swimming and aquatic training instructors.

We campaign for swimming ability and water safety in cooperation with our members and other non-governmental and governmental organisations in Finland and abroad. Our water safety campaign “Viisaasti Vesillä” has its own website (only in Finnish). Data on unintentional drowning accidents is published monthly: Drowning Statistics.

FSL also gives technical guidance and instruction for planning, building and maintaining swimming halls, spas and beaches. Welcome to the swimming hall -guide is available in English and in several other languages.

Our activities are financed by aid granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and by our own fund-raising activities, like selling accomplished swimmer badges and diplomas.

FSL is a member of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS), International Life Saving Federation of Europe (ILSE), Nordic Life Saving Federation (NLF) and International Federation of Swimming Teaching Associations (IFSTA).

For more information on our activities please contact our office and staff.